How we can support your union or trade association?

Vedanta Consultancy provides solutions that answer questions like:

    • How can we get more insight into the needs of our members?
    • What is our public image amongst our members?
    • How can we create support for future policies?
    • How can we strengthen bonding with our members?
    • How can we optimize our HR Policy?

Surveys, Research Panels, Online Communities, or a combination of these applications can serve as the means to realize this and be used to provide the answers to these questions. If required, we can add offline research by deploying face to face interviews. Below you’ll find a practical example of the CNV Trade Union that works with the research platform.

    • Case study: the CNV was looking for a way to gauge the opinions of its members in a fast, reliable and structured manner.
    • Solution: For this purpose a digital Research Panel for the CNV members was realized. Mail:
    • Result: A very high response rate (average 65%) and plenty of information in support of its policies. For example, the Research Panel offers the opportunity to explore a range of themes, from opinions with regard to participation to membership satisfaction. This information can contribute to strategic policy and media attention. It also provides insights into the determinants of cancellation behaviour or the duration of the membership. Currently the digital CNV Research Panel consists of 2,000 members. These members receive a web-based survey approximately six times per year. If there is the need, an additional survey is sent. The results of each survey are analysed and reported back to the panel members. Press releases are made in case of significant results. The CNV already had experience with surveys for a number of years. With the growing number of surveys and the considerable number of members, it was a logical step towards a Research Panel.

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