Employee surveys

  • Employee satisfaction survey: motivated and energetic employees are essential for the success of an organization. This research identifies how your staff experiences their job and shows you what they need in order to deliver optimal work performance. What will this survey bring you?
      • Insights into how your employees perceive their work
      • A clear understanding of the passion and commitment of your employees
      • Insights into the flexibility of your organization
      • An overview of improvements to strengthen your organization


  • Employee Community: Employees often have an excellent understanding of the potential for improvement within the organization. With an online community, employees are directly involved, in a pleasant and efficient way, in current affairs and policy making. This online dialogue will provide you with the perception, experience and underlying feelings of the staff. It will give an insight into why employees behave as they do or have certain opinions and this makes everything understandable. What will this online dialogue bring you?
      • Support through co-creation: this tool will allow your employees to really think alongside policies and decisions.
      • Insights from the employee satisfaction survey can be deepened by entering into dialogue
      • It will promote an inspired and involved corporate culture