How we can support your organization?

Vedanta Consultancy provides solutions that:

    • Inform communication managers on whether their commercial message is clear (pre- or post check possible)
    • Provide sales managers with insights on the customer experience of the sales process
    • Inform rental managers on whether the rental product arrived on time and intact
    • Provide HR managers with insights on how to optimize HR Policy
    • Inform service managers about the level of service delivered

Whether your activities take place during pre-sales, sales or after sales, Vedanta Consultancy ensures that your research pays off. We use the following applications: Survey, Research Panels, Online Communities or a combination of these. If required, we can add offline research, using face-to-face interviews. Below you will find an example of AGIS, a Health Insurance Company, which combines various methods in a research platform.

    • Agis uses a combination of Survey, Community and Research Panel. The base is their Agis Customer Research Panel with over 4,000 panel members. On a regular basis they ask their panel members to participate in questionnaires that are programmed and sent via Survey.
    • Agis can switch to Community on an ad hoc basis when they have a case study which they want to approach qualitatively. Here Agis can choose from an exploratory approach or an in-depth study by using a specific selection of panel members. The panel members can easily participate in open discussions. Through a visually appealing and personalized portal these members can see immediately which discussions and studies are available to them.
    • This combination of three applications offers Agis the unique ability to determine and deploy the appropriate methodology for each specific case study. It is possible for example to combine the experiences from a customer journey, a product pre-test and a communication test within the same research platform. The platform makes it possible to enrich facts from qualitative insights, as well as testing insights using qualitative methods.

Please contact us, to see which application is most effective to solve your particular case study.  Mail or call us: Tel. +32 (0)86 21 03 74