How we can support your municipality?

Vedanta Consultancy provides solutions that answer questions like:

    • How do we gain insight in our citizens needs?
    • How do we bring (local) government closer to the citizens?
    • How to create support within our municipality for policy decisions?
    • How will be responded to future decisions?
    • How can we optimize our HR-policy?

Survey’s, Research Panels, online communities, or a combination of these applications can be used to provide the answers to these questions. If required, we can add offline research by deploying face-to-face interviews.

Below you will find an example of the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, who works with the research platform

    • Case Study: The municipality of Bergen op Zoom needed clear and comprehensive insights, how it can support its inhabitants in civil participation. The municipality thought of an online platform to support civil participation and wanted to know from the citizens how such online environment should look like.
    • Solution: Survey determines the need
      First a quantitative study was done to find out the need and support for this online platform. The need was certainly there, but this quantitative study could not ascertain how an such an online platform should look like.
    • Result: Deepening the case study with Community
      To gain deeper insights and to use the collective intelligence of citizens, a temporary online community was used. This is a secluded Facebook-like environment where people start a discussion with each other, led by a professional moderator. The moderator ensured that the research topics were discussed and explored. This discussion quickly resulted in comprehensive results that were shared in an infographic with the citizens and the ‘College of B & W’.

Reply from the municipality of Bergen op Zoom?
The added value of using an online community was that the tool allowed us to continue ask more questions about this topic. You could discuss more easily the expected outcome with the panel members. One discovered key insight put forward by the citizens, indicated that the role of the municipality does not necessarily need to be the “sender” of such a platform.
Nevertheless it proved important that the municipality provides a supporting role, helping people finding their way and informing them.

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