The idea to start a business together arose in the late nineties. Both partners studied Small Business at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Research Consultancy projects formed the basis of this practical study. During projects, Davy and Raymond proved to be highly complementary, reaping good results in the corporate world. It was during this period that the plan to start a company together in the future, was expressed by both of them. The education and experience gained in the field of research and advice, formed the foundation of Vedanta Consultancy.

Explanation of the name Vedanta Consultancy

Simple and appropriate. The name Vedanta consists of two words: Veda (knowledge) and Anta (end) and is translated as the conclusion of all knowledge. We found it an appropriate name for a company with the collection and sharing of knowledge as it’s core-business. Moreover, Raymond studied this millennia-old Vedic wisdom in India. This might be useful in our sustainable advice!

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Davy van der Made

After completing his studies of Small Business in Rotterdam, Davy began to get a broader view of the advertising world through various internships (among others at a PR agency in London, a digital photographer and several printing companies). The long-term goal was to take over his father's advertising agency. However, finally, this was not in line with his passion; working with people and figures on an analytical level. Davy made the next step in his career and started working for a global player in the field of care service systems. Besides Sales, Davy was responsible for analytical work. His manager was pleasantly surprised by his bright and innovative insights.

A few years later, Davy chose not a job but a way of life. He gained 7 years of experience in France working freelance in real-estate management and maintenance of gardens and pools. Working with international clients, personal contact, fresh and healthy food from the garden, all in the beautiful setting of ​​the Dordogne, were his motivation. But he missed corporate life and his passion for research and advice. These seven years were both enjoyable and rewarding, and allowed him to take the leap to ‘the present', ... Starting a business with his old friend from Small Business: a company that is committed to assist it’s customers in utilizing human and organizational potential.

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Raymond Hoogenboom

After completing Small Business at the school for higher education in Rotterdam in 2000, Raymond started his career in retailing. As Business Development Coordinator he was primarily responsible for carrying out market research and put into effect the expansion strategy of this winter sports specialist. The stores, located at the indoor slopes of SnowWorld, are concrete results of this. Then Raymond made the transition to the trade association for construction and logistics industries. This association was also the secretariat for the Logistica Foundation and the Association for Logistics Advisors. As a product manager of this organization, he was responsible for conducting online and offline market research at branch level, account management and marketing and event management. Here he conducted research consultancy in collaboration with SenterNovem, various Ministries and global consultancy firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Like his business partner, Raymond is also very adventurous. He deliberately chose to gain a few years of experience abroad (Italy, England and India) and he combined this with a world tour. Back in the Netherlands, he returned to consulting and deepened his passion for research and advice. First he worked for a well-known home computer manufacturer, then for a global player, active in intralogistics. Here Raymond worked daily with their software, which later formed the basis for his own company. A fan of the Ardennes, Raymond and his family settled in Durbuy, Belgium. It is here that the desire to become self-employed developed and in 2016 Vedanta Consultancy came into being!