Efficient acquisition based on a customer and prospect analysis

You would like to have a healthy order backlog? Vedanta Consultancy can help you achieve this! What it requires is a thorough analysis of your customers and based on the outcome, we will find lookalikes: your prospects. This will make your acquisition efficient and easy!


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Customer analysis

This analysis will provide you with a clear overview of your current clientele. Questions will be answered like:

  • How are my customers geographically spread across the country and which region is lagging behind?
  • In which industries are they active and what is the growth potential per sector?
  • How is my turnover divided among my customers and are there discrepancies in this?
  • How healthy are my customers and what percentage of my turnover is at risk?
  • How do they perform in relation to the industry average or in relation to a specific competitor?


How a customer analysis will make your acquisition efficient and easy?

It will help you to prioritize and to ascertain that you invest your valuable time in the right clients. It provides a solid basis for your customer segmentation. The analysis will give insights whether you spread your risks well enough. Or opposite, is your turnover dependent on just a handful of customers? On which branches or on which regional area should you focus? All extremely valuable information.

Furthermore, we can put ALERTS for you on specific companies or on branches. In this way, you can directly anticipate on current changes. By the way, did you know that it takes 7 times more endeavor to get an order from a prospect than from a customer?


Prospect analysis

In order for you to get maximum benefit, we recommend you to combine the customer analysis with a prospect analysis. Based on your customer analysis, we look for similar prospects within Belgium. You will be provided with an overview which points out where your prospects are geographically located, what the company names are, who the contact persons are, what the financial status is etc. Additionally we can:

  • Apply filters to make sure that you will contact financially stable companies.
  • Focus on sectors with many customers and a high order value with considerable growth potential.
  • Make a regional setup for your sales agents. In this way they can focus and execute their acquisition in an extremely efficient manner.


You would like to have a thorough analysis of your clientele? Or you would like to exactly know who your prospects are? Mail or call us: Tel. +32 (0)86 21 03 74