Survey allows you to query your respondents online, once or periodically, on pre-selected topics. Amongst others, this application can be used for:

    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • User experience research on websites and apps
    • Employee satisfaction surveys
    • Pre- or post checks to optimize your communications: is the layout of your publication attractive and clear, is the tone of language used appropriate, how were the various topics of the edition valued etc.

Access to the surveys:
Surveys can be accessed by e-mail, SMS, QR code, through publications or through your website by means of a clickable link or icon. In case you do not have the email addresses of the target group you want to query? No problem, Vedanta Consultancy can provide these for you. Ask us about the possibilities.
Characteristics of Survey:

    • Visual => high and qualitative response, filling in surveys becomes fun
    • Intuitive
    • Query mobile and online
    • Great flexibility in questionnaires: all question types, multiple languages, routings etc.
    • Design of the email invitation and research environment: possible in your house style (recognition) or in Vedanta branding (objective)
    • Secure data storage => ensured privacy
    • Connectable to CRM (import & export)
    • Connectable to social media