An Insightpanel engages your target audience directly and efficiently with your organization. One platform for practically any research question and any method. These include surveys, forum discussions, polls, 1-on-1 interviews, call center research etc. On a continuous basis, these research techniques are deployed to answer your research questions. In addition, subsidies for panel research is available! You will find more advantages of an Insightpanel below.


We realize that you might be unfamiliar with the terminology mentioned above, or you may not be familiar with this new way of market research. No worries, we are here to advise you which methods best match your research questions.

Some of the advantages of an Insightpanel:

  • Your have your own advisory board which is 24/7 available for research;
  • You can expect a very high (50%), fast and qualitative response through participation of involved and motivated panelists;
  • Payment of the panelists is not required; participation is voluntary;
  • You will realize significant savings by optimizing your services through Pre-Checks before they are deployed on the market. Post-Checks are also possible;
  • With a Panel you create “free representatives”; Research among 30,000 panelists shows that half of the panelists have recommended “their organization” in the past six months to others;
  • You have deeper data, because the profiles of the panelists are enriched after each research with quantitative and / or qualitative data from the studies;
  • Segmentation is easy because the background information of the panelists is available;
  • The panel’s costs can be divided between the departments that use it (Marketing / HR etc).

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